When asked what motivated me to write my latest book, ?The Superbwoman: It?s All About the BE?, I point to 3 things:

  • My mission: I believe that women have the power to change this world in an instant?.when they realize it. It is my mission to help women to release that the ideal of a Superwoman, which is all about doing, serves no one. Instead, I want women to embrace the knowledge that they are innately powerful beings ? something that is realized by taking the time to understand who you are and what is important to you. Then, based on that, go do amazing things, because it utilizes your unique gifts. BE first, then DO.
  • Superbwomen I?ve met: I had been meeting amazing women who were wonderful examples of this concept of a Superbwoman that I was trying to get out into the world when an idea came to me to do a show to showcase a couple of them. Well, ?a couple of them? turned into about 75 and counting, all seen on YouTube on my show ?Superbwomen Sundays at 7?. I knew that not everyone would see the shows, but the stories of these women needed to be heard ? and the idea of putting them in a book was born.
  • Millennial Women: During a conversation with a friend who is a young mother, I heard her saying the same things I said at that age: Trying to do it all, do it by herself and do it perfectly. I was aghast. How can these bright young women not know that this model doesn?t work?! I then realized that I needed to get the message out to them in a way they could hear it: through the stories of other women.

And thus the concept of my book was born.

HOW It came to be written is another fun story:

I had decided to write the book but wasn?t sure what the format should be or when I would find the time to do it. A lunch with a friend, where she asked me about my ideas about this future book, gave me the impetus. She suggested a ?small book ? like ?The One Minute Manager?.? I knew immediately that was it! It was both my writing style and the style that would work for busy women.

So I had the ?what??and now the how. To write my 1st book I had to get away. Home just had too many distractions. I was in the process of trying to decide where to go, when the idea of going to Paris to write a book popped in my head. How cool would that be?! As my boyfriend and I were both turning 60 that year, I thought it would be fun for us to take a trip there and I?d do a little writing on the side. He decided, while a great idea, that he couldn?t take that much time off of work. A bit dejected, I did what I usually do?distract myself with Facebook. And there was a post by a woman I know who said that her friend had a flat in Paris she was renting out for the summer. Say what?! I reached out and sure enough, it was available when I wanted it and at a price I could afford. I found out I had enough air miles for a free ticket, I had someone to watch my dog?and I was off. With laptop in tow, I spent a fabulous week in Paris, acting Parisian and writing my book at a caf?, while ?tourists? strolled by. C?est magnifique!!

To top it off, I found a publisher who unknowingly colluded with my unspoken idea on the size of the book and the rest is history!

Moral of the story: Trust your instincts, pay attention and never give up your dreams. You could be writing in a caf? in Paris someday too!