Coaching Services

Coaching Services

There are times in life when trying to figure it out and move forward is just not easy to do by yourself. It is during those times of frustration, of indecision, or transition that a coach can be of great value.

Janet Neal is an ICF accredited and Certified Empowerment Coach, having completed training through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and holds a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica.

Janet specializes in helping “Superwomen” who are ready to “hang up the cape”. These are intelligent, creative, competent women who have somewhere along the line bought into the need to have and do it all. And now it is just isn’t working. They are tired of being a “human doing” and want to get back to being a “human being”. They want to move from Superwoman to SuperbwomanTM, with the emphasis on the “be”. They may not know what they want to do next, but they know that this isn’t it. Together with her clients, Janet is able to help them define a new path towards a fulfilling life, regardless of whether it is personal or professionally focused.

‘I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Janet as a coach. Her insight and guidance is exceptional. She always brings valuable and constructive feedback that has truly helped me move my business forward. She also helped me to learn to be more objective in my evaluations of myself and my performance. Janet is truly a gem and I highly recommend working with her.’
Holly Kaplansky

Minuteman Press

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Janet at a time when I was unsure about my next career move. After being home for a while with my children, it sparked a need in me to explore other options. I just didn?t know what they were. Working with Janet enabled me to think through, identify and formulate what my new direction should be. ‘
Susan Krien

Happenstance Creations

‘Working with Janet has been a great pleasure. She invests the time to get to know you and her approach is authentic. I found her to be an excellent communicator and kept me focused on my goals. She is sensitive and supportive and challenges you to take a close look at yourself. Janet has a keen ability to helping you discover the successful conclusions for yourself.’
Mary Toomey

CMS Solutions, LTD