“How do you do it?”:  A question I am asked frequently. I wish the question was asked because of some intellectual prowess, physical attribute, or extraordinary accomplishment, but no, it is asked as to how I have the energy to do what I do. I am always a bit baffled by the question and, more so, as to how to respond. The truth does not sound nearly so exciting: I order tickets and I drive to the show. 

I know the underlying, unspoken, segment that accompanies it. The question is really “AT YOUR AGE, how do you do it?” The answer is, I don’t believe my age. 

For most of my life I have had the inability to truly see myself in a mirror. There is a name for this: body dysmorphic disorder. It’s where you are too critical of your body and feel there is something wrong with it. The other day I had to show my daughter two pictures of myself in the same outfit, taken a year apart. I literally could not tell if I looked different. She assured me I did, in a positive way. 

I am finding that I have the same type of affliction when it comes to my age. I know how old I am, but that person in the mirror does NOT reflect it. Nor does the age on my driver’s license. So, for someone to wonder how I can have the energy to do all these things, my confusion comes from believing I am much younger than “reality” would have you believe. It’s not a bad thing, in most cases. 

I also had a reckoning, of sorts, a few years back, when I saw firsthand how very short this life is. I had a long bucket list and a passion for live music and I decided “If not now, when?” This fully embraced attitude, and a job that helps pay for my addiction, have allowed me to enjoy a fabulous life. I had to look it up, but here is the tally for 2023:

  • 5 Broadway/Off Broadway plays
  • 13 movies, including Billy Crystal talking about one afterwards
  • 1 Improv show
  • 15+ author events/book signings
  • 2 interviews with Stephen Colbert (Jim Gaffigan and Martin Scorsese)
  • 2 trips to Michigan, 2 to Texas, 2 to Martha’s Vineyard, and one to Paris
  • And 22 concerts

And best of all, some I do alone, but many I get to do with my myriad of friends. 

In this month of gratitude, I am truly thankful for the life I am able to lead. I am grateful to live in a place that affords many, many opportunities for adventures. I am beyond grateful for my family and friends who support my “one wild and precious life”. I am grateful for health that allows me to keep moving and that job that pays the bills. I’m grateful for people who read my missives. 

Maybe one day I’ll catch up to my chronological age. But not yet: I have too much living to do.