I remember the first flowers I ever got from a guy. Roses, on Valentines Day, from a funny, smart, loving boyfriend. While I was thrilled with gift and sentiment, I wasn?t ready for the relationship. If I had any regrets in life, it might be that.

Over the following 30 years I received flowers 4 times: once from another boyfriend, who I suspect also was sending them to a bunch of other women at the same time, and the other 3 times from my (ex) husband ? each time I had a child.

And then I met Jim. Jim knows I love flowers and buys them for me every week. Sometimes I have to tell him NOT to buy me anymore because the last bouquet is still good! I saw him at his lowest when he was unemployed and not able to buy me any. And it made me love him more.

Find someone who will buy you flowers for no reason. And know that you are worth it.