It started with Paris. I woke up one day with the thought ?I need to go to Paris?. It seemed like a lovely idea, and also a slightly audacious one. I shared it with my daughter, who said ?Well then?why not?? I laughed at the idea that I could just pick up and go ? and went off to start my day of meetings.

My first meeting was with a new friend, meeting to see how we can support each other?s endeavors. As we talked, she mentioned that she is going to Paris to teach this fall. ?Wow,? I said. ?I was JUST thinking about Paris today. How interesting!?

My next meeting was with a young artist who is designing some Superbwoman t-shirts for me. As we are meeting, it occurs to me that this woman is from France. And is leaving in a month to go to?Paris. Now this is getting crazy.

Finally, I get home, and grab my mail. There?s a package from my friend, Janice McLead. Not sure of what it could be, I tear it open and find a copy of her new book?.A Paris Year.

OK ? officially freaked out.

So, I do what you do in these circumstances: tell everyone on Facebook! To a person, everyone said ?It?s a sign ? you are supposed to go!? I check my calendar: There are open dates. I check with the woman whose place I rented before: Place is available. Then I check the airlines: Expensive. Ah, I think, here is the challenge. So, I say to the Universe, ?If I am supposed to go to Paris, please let me find airfare under $500.? I set up an airfare watch on a travel site and let it go.

Three weeks later I get a notice: Airfare is $440. Guess I am going to Paris.

But here is the thing. It?s not really about Paris. It?s about me learning to be open and to ALLOW. I had NO attachment as to whether I went to Paris or not ? I was merely open to the possibilities. And from that came other opportunities: Friends connected and made plans for a reunion in September. Travel plans with my significant other came together. Work rolled in. I signed with a publicist for my upcoming book (coming in January ? available for preorder now!). Connections were made to other amazing people who could be collaborative partners. Life is unfolding in interesting and unexpected ways. And I am here, observing and allowing it to flow.

I am calling this my Summer of Allowing. I am not worried about packing my calendar with appointments, about rushing here and there to make things happen. I am allowing them to happen. I have recommitted to meditation and a yoga practice. I am calm in the face of drama and frenetic energy around me. I am trusting that what I need is being made known to me, in the right time. I have embraced the idea that abundance is not only around me, but within me, and I?m allowing it to flow. I approach life with gratitude, curiosity and a bit of awe. And I am letting go of needing to know when, where and how things will happen.

This is not natural for someone living in this day and age, especially in the NYC area. This has not been natural for me. But this IS natural. I am learning on new levels how important it is to BE first, and then DO. I am learning to walk the talk of BEing a Superbwoman.

And I am booking a trip to Paris?sometime in the Spring. It?s meant to be.