It was Monday. It was cold and rainy. I had a desk full of half-completed tasks and a to-do list that went on for pages. I did not want to get out of bed.

I opened my eyes at 6:00 and immediately decided that was too early. At 7:00 I actually woke up, looked at some emails and then determined that my cozy bed was a better option. At 9:30 I realized it was either get up now or write off the day. Not being able to come up with any plausible excuses why that would be a good idea, I dragged myself up and out into the world. Or at least my living room.

And there it was. The smiley face balloon I had gotten at the 70s dance party I attended Saturday night was sitting on the carpet, smiling its happy grin. And that?s when my day started anew.

I had decided early in the day that this was going to be a long, dreary day. That I would be slogging through it, exhausted on all levels. And then I see that silly smiling face balloon. It caused me to smile, which made me remember happier things and caused me to get back a little needed energy. It also reminded me of the phrase ?You have the chance to start your day over at any time?. And so I did.

A favorite movie of mine is ?Groundhog Day?. I love Bill Murray in general, and I love how his character slowly comes to realize this reality. Life is about 10% fact and 90% attitude. It is always your choice how you want to deal with that pesky 10%. Even to the point of some today who choose to ignore them! It?s still all about the choice.

Life is easier when the externals are lined up positively. Things go smoother on a sunny day, when there is no traffic, when people are kind. But life also goes smoother when you have a sunny disposition, when you avoid the roadblocks and when YOU are kind. It?s pretty much always an inside out job.

Today is sunny. The balloon is still smiling at me. And my desk is still cluttered with things to do. It?s a good day ? because I?m choosing it to be so.