Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

Janet Neal is a dynamic, inspirational and entertaining speaker. She is available for sessions – IN PERSON OR ON-LINE – from one hour to several days in length. Below are some of the more popular speaking topics to choose from,

Hanging Up The Cape

Can women have it all? Absolutely! That is, if they want it. This talk focuses on learning to focus on what is important to you and how to go about creating a life that will support that vision. Numerous entertaining examples will be given from Janet Neal’s own experience going from being a “Superwoman” who did it all, to being a “Superbwoman(R)” who lives a life built around her values.

Finding Balance in Your Life

Balance in one’s life is important to everyone, especially in today’s hectic environment. Add to that the real or imagined threat of any type of loss and it throws everything out the window. The importance of discovering a state of balance in one’s life is to see where you may need to put some of your resources to avoid this situation or how to readjust your attitudes so that what you do today gives you a sense of balance and strength. This interactive workshop will enlighten you as to what is meant by balance, give you steps to discover its meaning in your life, and tips on how to get back in balance when the inevitable life situations occur.

Living a Should-Free Life

Are you going through life doing what you feel you “should” do? Are you feeling guilty about not doing it all? Learn how to let go of those “shoulds” and live a more relaxed, powerful life.

Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle

Does it feel like you are running a marathon and getting nowhere? Are you burning the candle at both ends – trying to please everyone and forgetting about yourself? The answer lies in learning to let go of the need to do everything, do it by yourself and do it perfectly. By focusing first on being, you allow yourself to create – and live – a truly powerful, joyful, and sustainable life. Hear Janet’s story on how she has learned to do just that – and steps you can take to create it for yourself.

Motivational Speaker

VOTED #1 YOUTH MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER IN NYC, according to Thumbtack.com.

Using Balance to Create The Life You Want

Is your life unmanageable? Out of control or just not quite the way you’d like it to be? Are you feeling less effective and less productive? Perhaps what your life needs is some balance. In this hands-on workshop you will explore the concept of a three-dimensional balanced life. Through a series of exercises you will identify the key elements in your life and learn how to use them to create a balanced lifestyle. Participants will leave with new insights and tools to enable them to use new skills on a daily basis.

Releasing Guilt

Is being a Superwoman – doing it all, doing it by yourself and doing it perfectly – just not working any longer? Is your energy draining from the never-ending to do lists? Are you finding that guilt is the only consistent feeling you experience? In this workshop you’ll learn how to release that guilt and regain the energy you need to do what you really want to do. Learn how to move from being a Superwoman to a SUPERBwoman!

Reformed Superwoman

Do you go through life as a human “doing”, rather than a human “being”? Is your mind a tool you use or does it control you? Hear about Janet’s journey in letting go of the Superwoman cloak and learning to wear life like a loose garment. Through her motivational and humorous stories you’ll learn techniques to learn how to trust in yourself and to listen to the wisest part of your being: your soul.

Love It or Let It Go

An interactive workshop in which the participants identify the “stuff” they are hanging on to, the real reasons they are doing so, and create a commitment and plan for releasing that which does not support them any longer.

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