Superbwoman Book Specials

Need a gift for women in your personal or professional life?

“A small book with a BIG message” – Perri Peltz

Need a gift?

Know a woman who does too much?

Here’s the PERFECT gift for…

~Your office team

~Your vendors

~Your clients

~Your prospects

~Your friends, family, daughter, niece, granddaughter, dog-walker, hair stylist, postal carrier, bookkeeper, accountant, lawyer, etc!

Interested in buying one…or 100?

We have significant volume discounts….and FREE SHIPPING Through 12/15!

Book List Price: $9.95


10-19: ? $8.95 each

20-29: ? $7.95 each

30-39: ?$6.95 each

40-49: ? $5.95 each

50 and over: ?$5.00 each

And FREE SHIPPING Through December 15th!

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