I have learned to trust the Universe. Call it what you will – God, Spirit, Higher Power, Nature ? it?s anything but me. I get that lesson time and time again when I have the illusion of control and try to orchestrate life. Don?t know about you, but that just doesn?t seem to work well.

Take this trip I am currently on to California. I decided that I wanted to go to California on a book tour. My intention was that I would take a week and set up meetings, events and book signings from San Francisco to San Diego. Book it solid and get a good return on my investment. I knew enough people and am creative enough to do that. So, I set out doing just what I needed to do to make that happen. I can be very good at doing.

And what happened? Pretty much nothing. Except one book signing at a very cool book store in downtown LA ? in the middle of the week. I was getting pretty frustrated and upset. What was up with that? I was doing everything I could think to do! And, at the same time, I was getting notes from friends in and around the LA area saying ?Come stay with me!?

Here?s where that ?trust thing? kicked in: I listened to that. I trusted that maybe this trip was not about doing more, but about being present. About reconnecting with dear friends and relaxing into the California lifestyle (although walking 22K steps a day is not this Jersey girl?s normal ?relaxing? pattern!). And I talked. And I listened. And I found bonds and connections and laughter and tears. The important things.

Tonight I have my one ?doing? event of the week: my book signing. And while I am thrilled for the opportunity to promote my book and its message, I am looking forward so much more to seeing friends I haven?t seen in years. What a blessing!

Doing is wonderful. But I?m discovering that the place to find the joy in life is in the not doing. Be well!