I am in a relationship with a man who loves me unconditionally.

Yeah, it sucks.

Oh, I am not saying it?s a bad relationship or that I don?t enjoy being adored?.most of the time. But there are times when I question his judgment. After all, what have I done to deserve this adoration?

There?s the issue.

Somewhere in my travels around the sun I have picked up this notion that there are caveats and conditions to Love. It is hard to fully embrace the concept that I am worthy of love merely because I am a living, breathing being. I like to profess that I believe in a loving Higher Power and that we are created in His/Her/It?s image. But this notion that I am worthy of love just because, while it makes total sense intellectually, is a bit harder to digest emotionally.

Recently, at my book launch party, my friend Elaine did a Facebook Live broadcast where she went around and interviewed the guests. The result was a bunch of people telling why they love and support me. It was hard for me to watch ? I felt like I was eavesdropping on my funeral! When I can step back and look at this from a different perspective, I see what is up for me is my lesson on learning to RECEIVE love.

Years ago, in a meditation, it became abundantly clear to me that our purpose here in this lifetime is merely to give love?and to receive it. I think I have that first part down and thought I had done a good job on the second. After all, I now easily say ?Thank you!? when someone offers me a compliment. And isn?t it just like the Universe to show up and point out where perhaps you need a little more work?! As usual, people and circumstances show up to be a mirror to me, to show me where I could step up my game.

Enter my significant other. Or my kids. Or friends at an event. They all are smiling, shining those mirrors in my face.

The message is very simple actually:

  1. We are energetic beings.
  2. Love is energy.
  3. When you give someone love you are giving them loving energy, which depletes your store a little.
  4. And when you take in the loving energy someone gives you, you replenish it. It?s the ultimate give and take.

This concept doesn?t just require an outside source either. It?s important to love yourself and acknowledge it. I have a picture on my desk of my 4 -year- old self: a big headed, goofily grinning little girl. I just adore her. You can see her positive energy and zest for life. I sometimes forget that is me. It?s easy to love that little self and my work is to take that love into this elder self. When I can, it feels right.

Go love someone up. Love yourself. And let someone love you. You?re worth it.