One of the blessings of moving to a new environment is its newness and exploration opportunities. You can see and hear things you’ll probably overlook in a few weeks. It is all so intriguing and full of possibilities. And hopefully not too much frustration!

This is exactly the mindset I am in after a transition to a summer home “down the Shore”, as we say in Jersey. It’s even more intriguing as I know NOTHING about this area: never have been here, never had any intention of coming here, and haven’t the foggiest idea what there is to do here, or even where the grocery store is. I could be in a foreign country for all I know, except that the natives here speak my language. The result is that my senses are heightened, my inner explorer has been awakened, and my appreciation for the beauties of this world reinvigorated. 

Why I am here remains a mystery of the Universe and one I feel I will discover more about daily. How I came to be here is also the Universe’s doing, with the help of a generous friend who is renting me his place until my next new and more permanent home is ready. Where this leads me has yet to be determined…

I take long walks, with my trusty Ranger at my side. As I walk I try to take it all in, letting its newness wash over me. 

And then I came upon this little stalk.

I am surrounded by salt marshes, part of a National Wildlife Refuge. Acres and acres of plants and more birds in one place than I’ve ever experienced. Their morning songs set my heart alight. The variety of plants are thickly grouped, intersected by natural waterways making a path to the sea. It’s a majestic scene. 

So, imagine my surprise, after taking in the enormity of the nature before me, to see a blade of grass growing all on its own, popping out of the pavement. It literally stopped me in my tracks. And as I contemplated this, several thoughts came to mind:

  • With determination and perseverance, one can achieve anything
  • Never let a physical constraint be an obstacle; there is always a way around it
  • It takes a crack in an object to allow growth to take place
  • Be yourself – stand out from the crowd!
  • Your individuality is what gets you noticed. When you are part of the crowd it is more difficult to be seen.
  • Even the harshest of environments will yield when your focus is clear
  • Growth starts with a single movement
  • All you need is an opening

And finally,

  • If a little plant can do this, imagine what a human being could do!!

I feel a bit like this little sprout: alone and yet surrounded by many others. I am forging my own unique path, willing to take the risks needed to become a rugged, strong and mighty individual. I’m ever hopeful that when I look up, I will get all the nourishment I need to keep growing, stronger every day. And I am going forward with the knowledge that a new adventure awaits around every turn in the road.