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Whether you need your company’s program content delivered, or require a custom presentation/program, Janet Neal can deliver a high quality event. With a background as an educator, Janet brings her knowledge and experience to each engagement and is a dynamic, inspirational and entertaining speaker. Janet brings her infectious energy to on-line trainings, creating valuable audience engagement. She is available for sessions from one hour to several days in length. Below are some of the more popular training topics to choose from,

Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Choose from a wide variety of topics, including

Work/Life balance

Women’s Empowerment

Generational Diversity

Cross-Cultural Awareness

Unconscious Bias

Avoiding Stereotypes


Respect and Inclusion

Finding Balance in Your Life

Janet Neal started IBM NJ’s 1st Work/Life Balance in 1995 – when most corporations had just started to being to hear the term.

Balance in one’s life is important to everyone, especially in today’s hectic environment. Add to that the real or imagined threat of any type of loss and it throws everything out the window. The importance of discovering a state of balance in one’s life is to see where you may need to put some of your resources to avoid this situation or how to readjust your attitudes so that what you do today gives you a sense of balance and strength. This interactive workshop will enlighten you as to what is meant by balance, give you steps to discover its meaning in your life, and tips on how to get back in balance when the inevitable life situations occur.

Leadership Development

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Leadership Styles


Diverse Workforce

Time Management & Productivity

Stress Management & Life Balance

Team Building


Creating a Sustainable Workforce

Does it feel like you are running a marathon and getting nowhere? Is your team burning the candle at both ends – and burning out? The answer lies in learning to let go of the need to “do” everything, do it by yourself and do it perfectly. By focusing first on “being”, then creating processes and procedures to support the goals, work begins to flow and employees become more engaged and productive.

DiSC Assessments

If you are looking to do DiSC Assessments for a work group, or want a presentation about the tool, Janet is a certified DiSC provider.

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