Are you feeling stressed out?

Is your life over-ridden with guilt?

Do you feel you are living someone else’s life?

You have permission to THRIVE!

What you’ll get:

  • The formula for a fulfilling life

  • Insight into the essential elements of your life: Your Values. An eye-opening exercise will unlock the first steps you’ll need on your new path!

  • A 30 minute consultation with a certified life coach to review your exercise and answer your questions

  • Instructions on how to release the guilt and learn to live a should-free life

  • BONUS: 10 tips to keep you THRIVING

Ready to take your first step on your path to living YOUR fulfilling life?

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About Janet Neal

Janet M. Neal is a “Reformed Superwoman” who has learned how to lead a “should free”, productive, joyful, and powerful life, and believes all women can do the same. In addition to her job working as a global client rep for 19 years at IBM, she founded IBM NJ’s first work/life balance initiative in 1995.  After leaving corporate life, Janet moved to coaching and consulting work and founded “The Professional Women’s Center,” addressing the desire on the part of women to connect and having no facility designed to allow it. She is currently the Founder and Queen Bee at The Superbwoman®, Inc., whose mission is to provide women with the resources and opportunities to step into their innate power, for the betterment of all.

The mother of 3 young adults, is a frequent lecturer and workshop provider and is the author of Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman and The Superbwoman®: It’s All About the BE.