I have a to-do list that spans multiple pages. I have yet to decorate my house for the holidays. I have a vague idea what I am getting people for Christmas. My mind will not stop thinking about all. I. Have. To. DO.

I?m going to get some reflexology today. And eat well, and meditate and go to bed early. I know that what really needs to get done, will. And the other stuff?oh well.

Through many, many years of a ?just push through it!? attitude, I have learned that things work out so much better when I take care of myself first. I cannot tell you how many vacations and holidays I spent sick because it was the first time that I allowed myself to relax from the relentless push-push-push of my life. With the holidays in sight and everyone around me sniffling and coughing, I am one overloaded day away from spending my all too seldom precious time with my children in bed and miserable. Been there, done that. No thanks.

It took me decades to understand the concept of making myself the priority. I had been led to believe that putting yourself first made you selfish and self-centered ? a definite no-no if you are striving to be perfect. I have great compassion for that younger me and much gratitude that I have learned that unless I AM selfish ? meaning, checking in and seeing what is right for me ? my life does not flow or bring joy. When I can make myself the priority, not at the expense of others, I actually have MORE to give.

So, during this holiday season, where are you on your to-do list? Schedule some downtime to do something just for you. Or to do nothing at all. Release the doing and enjoy the BEing!